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Commercial Glass Services from Performance FilmsWhile beautiful, the use of glass in architecture creates a number of challenges.  These include excessive glare, heat build-up, increased energy costs, premature fading of draperies and carpets -- and more!  Performance Films stands ready to meet those challenges head-on – with the world’s best-selling brand of glass treatment films.

Building films are available in a range of light transmissions.

     :: Color Stays True
     :: Heat and Glare Reduction
     :: 99% UV Rays Blocked
     :: Security Increased
     :: Energy Bills Lowered, free energy analysis
     :: Manufacturer's Warranty
     :: Protects your window from blasts and destructive weather conditions

Safety / Security and Anti-Graffiti Films

Performance Films safety and security films have been applied to buildings and automobiles around the world. Now you can protect retail, commercial and residential buildings from the dangers of flying glass due to vandalism, theft, accidents and natural disasters. Products including anti-graffiti films and safety/solar Performance Films ensure that the perfect combination of benefits is available for your Tennessee building.

Energy Star Partners with Performance FilmsProtect against:

     :: Bomb Blasts / Violent Breakage
     :: Flying Glass / Windborne Debris
     :: Smash and Grab Attacks
     :: Graffiti, Tagging and Vandalism

Decorative Glass Enhancement Films

Performance Films wide range of glass enhancement film offers unlimited design possibilities! Achieve the look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. Select vibrant colors and 3M Authorized Dealerpatterns for custom visual effects. Improve privacy with a variety of matte films.


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