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If you are in Tennessee…and in the market for affordable quality window films for commercial, residential and automotive applications…you’ve come to the right site!

3M Authorized DealerWe are authorized dealers of Llumar, Suntek, and Johnson

Beat the Heat!

Thanks to advances in technology, today’s window films have been perfected to meet a full and surprising range of needs. 
     :: privacy or one-way viewing
     :: security and shatter-proof glass protection
     :: winter insulation, solar control, energy savings
     :: UV protection to keep paint and fabrics from fading
     :: Home owner association approved
     :: Lifetime warranty
     :: Transparent not mirrored
     :: Lets light in
     :: Guaranteed no bubbling or peeling
     :: Shatter proof
     :: Protect against winds and weather

Are you interested in decorative, artscape or stained glass window film?

Performance Films stands ready to meet even your most unique needs on time and on budget!

Quality products…assistance with choices!

At Performance Films, we understand the importance of using only top quality products.  That’s why we work with the leading manufacturers to select materials that are right for your job and budget.  We offer films by 3M, ceramic films by Madico and clear films by V-Cool.  That being said, exactly what do you need?

Does your project call for window films that are opaque, translucent, frosted, reflective, mirrored, color tinted, etc? Let’s discuss it!

Do you need window films that are vinyl, ceramic, perforated, adhesive, static cling or even removable, etc.? We can help you make that decision!

Performance Films is pleased to offer:

     :: Commercial Solar Control and Security Window Tinting
     :: Residential Solar Control and Security Window Tinting
     :: Auto Window Tinting
     :: Paint Protection
     :: Decorative Film
     :: Certified Professional Installation of Film
     :: Lettering, Signs, Banners, Graphics and Anti-Graffiti
     :: Store front lettering, custom letter for your car or boat, signs, banners, and magnets

Give us a call to discuss your window film requirements. Together, we can identify the materials and processes that will best suit your particular needs.  Then we’ll get to work to flawlessly install the window tinting that’s right for you!  Please call Performance Films today at 615-248-TINT (8468).

A message from the owner

Hello, and thank you for visiting this site. I want to assure you that your window film project will be in good hands with Performance Films. I have been in the window film business since 1986, self employed for 18 years. I worked for the window tint software company Tintteck 20/20 after selling Solar Solutions, Inc. in Goodlettsville, TN.  The last two and a half years, I have worked as a manufacturers rep for 3M Window Film in TN, KY, IN, OH, PA, MI and FL.

Let me put my knowledge and understanding of quality window film options and applications to work for you!  I look forward to talking with you and finding out how I might get my team busy on your important project!

-- Jay Wall, Owner

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